Getting Started With Legacy Litmus

This article is depreciated as of October 7, 2019. 

New customers after this date: use the Guide to the New Litmus Platform

Building and Testing options in Legacy Litmus

Building and Testing in Builder 

If you want to see real-time previews of your email, you can use Builder to test and troubleshoot as you go. You can also grab one of our templates to help you get started!

Use Checklist to Check an email before you send 

If you want to verify your campaign is ready to send, use Checklist to optimize your email and find broken images and links. You'll also get a fresh set of Instant Previews!

Make it to the inbox with Litmus Spam testing

If you want to make sure your hard work gets successfully delivered to the inbox, run a comprehensive spam test before you send.

Legacy Quick Start Guides: 

Builder: Real-time previews as you build

Checklist: Send with confidence every time

Testing an Email Design

Deliverability and Spam Testing

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