How do I publish my campaign report?

If you would like to share your Email Analytics report with your team or clients, you can easily create a published URL that shows your results. An example report can be found here. This report is read-only and will not grant others access to your Litmus account.

To create a published URL, click on the Share button or link on the upper right side of your report.

New Litmus

Share Analytics Report - New Litmus

Legacy Litmus

Share Analytics Report - Legacy

Click the option to Make this test public to generate a published URL that you can share with your team or clients.

Screenshot-2019-10-07T01:10:50.094ZYou may deactivate a published URL at any time by toggling the Make this test public button, which will remove the URL. The URL will be different if you re-publish the reports in the future.

Please note that if you delete a campaign, you will no longer have access to the published URL for your campaign report. Your account must also be on an active subscription in order to use a published URL.

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