Does Litmus have a report on industry benchmarks for Email Analytics?

We do have a monthly report available on our blog under the "market share" tag and also on the monthly Email Client Market Share report that shows the email client market share across all campaigns run through Email Analytics on Litmus. While benchmarks may exist for some email marketing metrics (like click or open rates) there is no standard or "ideal" number to be looking for in your Email Analytics reports. These statistics represent audience behavior and preferences, so can vary dramatically from customer to customer.

The best way to "benchmark" your Email Analytics data would be to regularly test and build a set of data points to make an internal comparison for that particular client, industry or audience segment. This way you could track changes in behavior and preference over time and adjust your marketing programs in turn. There is not much benefit in comparing an individual customer's data against another, even in the same industry. Since we currently don’t ask our customers to identify their industry, we do not have any information regarding specific verticals.

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