Where are my Checklists, Proofs, and Builder projects in the new Litmus platform?

Click "Legacy Projects"  in the sidebar under "Emails". Here you will see Builder, Proof and Checklist folders (should you have any legacy Builder, Proof or Checklist projects). Open a project and follow the prompt to have it moved to the Unsorted Emails folder in the new platform.

A few things to note about accessing your legacy projects:

  • When transferred, projects are moved into the Unsorted Emails folder  
  • All versions of a Builder project—and all emails within the project—will be transferred into a folder within the "All Emails" section 
  • All versions of a Checklist will be transferred and accessible. Any Custom Checklist items will not be transferred.
  • Email Previews will not be generated when a transfer takes place

Looking to start a new Builder, Proof, or Checklist project in the new Litmus platform? They are all now unified within each email. Once you create an email, it will be available across all three tools. Learn more about how to create an email here.

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