Email Previews usage guide

An Email Preview is an individual screenshot from an email client or device. We track Email Previews based on how many email clients you are testing in either Builder or Previews & QA and how many times they are generated. The more email clients you have selected to test in, and the more often you refresh as you edit, the more previews you will generate. A set of previews refers to a group of previews from the email clients you've selected and individual numbers vary based on how many clients you test in. Here's how Email Previews are generated:

  • Using your Litmus test address to send in an email from your Litmus test address, or starting an email from the syncing option. This will create one set of previews visible in either Builder in the Email Previews view or your Previews & QA pre-send checklist.
    • builder previews
    • QA previews
  • Uploading your HTML via a file storage integration creates one set of Email Previews, available in your Previews & QA pre-send checklist. 
  • Sharing a Previews & QA pre-send checklist or Builder will generate one set of Email Previews. No matter how many times the public share link is viewed, the set of Email Previews will only be counted once.
  • Clicking on “Email Previews” in Builder will generate one set of Email Previews. Email Previews will not be counted if your email was created by sending a draft into your personal Litmus address and the HTML has not been changed. This avoids “double counting” Email Previews after sending a draft has already generated them in the Checklist view. For example: 
    • If you send a draft from your ESP into your personal Litmus email address generates a set of Email Previews
    • Then navigating to Builder and clicking “Run Email Previews” does not generate a new set of Email Previews. The first set is reused. Once the HTML is changed or updated, pressing Run Email Previews or clicking "Update Proof & Previews" (or "Update Previews" for customers without Proof) will generate a new set of Email Previews. 
  • Clicking "Save" or using CTRL/CMD + S to save a Builder project when the Email Previews window is open will generate one set of Email Previews. Also saving when viewing one specific email client preview will run one set of Email Previews. 
  • Clicking on “Update Proof & Previews” (or "Update Previews" for customers without Proof) in Builder will generate one set of Email Previews, available in the Previews & QA pre-send checklist. 

We track Email Previews based on how many email clients are selected in Builder or the Previews & QA pre-send checklist and how many Email Previews for those selected clients are generated. To make updates or select specific clients, you can select them globally in your settings or in the Previews & QA checklist or Builder individually. Your testing volume accumulates over the course of your monthly billing period and then resets at the start of each new monthly billing period. For example, if you are billed the 15th of each month (or for annual plans, if you started your plan on the 15th), your Email Previews will be counted from the 15th of the month to the 14th of the following month.

Check out this short video on understanding your usage to learn more.

Email Preview limits vary by Litmus plan subscription:

  • Basic offers up to 1,000 Previews per month
  • Plus offers up to 2,000 Previews per month
  • Pro offers up to 5,000 Previews per month
  • Enterprise offers a customizable amount of Email Previews every month, based on the unique needs of your business

You can access a summary of your account’s usage over the last 6 months in your account settings. If your testing volume indicates your program might benefit from a more advanced Litmus plan, feel free to get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss this with you. 

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