How to Utilize “Push” Functionality in the New Litmus Platform

Maintain full control over which version of your email campaign your stakeholders see with “Push” functionality in Builder.

Editing your email in Builder? Once you’re happy with your updates, push the updated HTML to Checklist and Proof, ensuring that everyone on your team is always looking at the most updated version. To do this, save your email in Builder, and then click the “Push” button.

Once you click Push, the most updated HTML will be viewable in Proof and Checklist. By doing this, a new version of Proof and Checklist will be created. It works the same way as if you clicked “New version” in Proof in or “Retest” in Checklist in legacy Litmus. You can still review previous Proof iterations or Checklists.

A few things to keep in mind: 

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