Get started with Litmus

Welcome to Litmus! Whether you're brand new to Litmus or returning for another project, this helpful guide will give you the resources you need to get started on the right track. There are eight parts to this guide. Skip to a specific topic to dive in or progress through each section. Not all functionality is available on all plans, so we’ve called out features that are specific to certain plans. If you're not sure what plan you're on, head to your settings or check the pricing page.


Getting around

A quick walkthrough to help you find your way.

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📙 Litmus Overview

📝 Join a Training Session

📙 Start a New Email Test


Create your first email

Learn how to create your email by copy and pasting your existing code, or starting from scratch.

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📙 What is an email preview?

📝 How to Use Litmus Visual Editor

💌 Free Litmus Templates


Importing code

See how to quickly create an email by sending in from your ESP or cloud storage integration.

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📙 Upload HTML from Cloud Services

📝 How to Set up ESP Sync

💌 Why do clients show my email differently than others?

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