5-step checklist on how to transition to new Litmus

  • Set up your folder framework
    • Tip: Consider replicating your ESP or other internal folder structure. If you don’t already have one, try organizing by email type, clients, product, and/or dates.
  • Determine a standard task list for your email projects
    • Tip: Enterprise teams – use the task template
  • Create your new Litmus test address
    • Tip: Your new Litmus test address ends in @litmusemail.com and is used to create new Builder projects, Proofs, and Checklists—one address to create them all!
  • Decide which legacy projects to transfer
    • Tip: Use this time to clean up your account. Only transfer the projects you’ll need again or don’t have an archive of anywhere else. 
  • Make a transition goal
    • Tip: Create a calendar that includes dates for when you and your team will stop using old Litmus and when you’ll have all of your projects migrated. Don’t let the deadline creep up on you!
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