Create, iterate, and troubleshoot an email

Ready to dive in and create your first email? We'll show you the different ways you can import your email, as well as how to use Litmus Builder. If you're returning for a new project, get a refresher to make your next email even better.


Builder basics: Using email code

Run previews, make quick edits, and customize your layout.

Attachments 📎

📙 Guide to creating a new email

💌 Start with a free Litmus template

📙 Guide to Builder


Builder basics: Using Visual Editor

Update elements quickly without using code.

Advanced Builder techniques

Build your Design Library and code more efficiently.

Attachments 📎

📙 Integrate Litmus with your Email Service Provider

📝 10-Minute Emails - How to Save Time on Development

🙌 Success Story: How Blufish Halved Development Time


Previews and fixing rendering errors

Pinpoint an error, find a fix, and make an update.

Attachments 📎

📙 What is an email preview?

📝 Should you test this email?

📙 How to Change Default Testing Clients

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