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One of the most time-consuming parts of creating a great email is getting and implementing feedback. We’ve got the tools to help you collaborate and review emails faster so you can focus on creating great experiences for your subscribers.


Create a new Proof

Learn how to create your first Proof.

Attachments 📎

📙 Guide to Proof

📝 The Dangers of Last-Minute Email Edits (and how to avoid them)

🙌 Success Story - ThomasARTS and Litmus Proof

Proof is only available on our Enterprise and custom plans.


Sharing in Litmus

See how you can share everything from code to campaign reports.

Attachments 📎

📙 How to Share Checklist Results

📙 How to Share Campaign Results

📝 Template: Year-End Reporting Made Easy

Analytics, Spam, and Proof are not available on Basic Plans.


 Timelines and Tasks

View detailed versions of your email for a full system of record, and manage tasks to keep projects on track.

Attachments 📎

📙 Set up Task Templates

📙 How to use the Proof Timeline

📙 Guide to the Builder Timeline 

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