Spam monitoring and testing

Identify and fix potential deliverability issues through hands-on, practical advice using Spam Testing. Connect to your ESP and run a Spam Test in just a couple clicks or do a quick check right in your Checklist. 

Spam Testing is only available on Plus and Enterprise plans.


Start a Spam Test

Get a quick overview on how to run a Spam Test.

Attachments 📎

📙 How to Run a Spam Test

📝 The Difference between Deliverability and Delivery Rate

📙 What are Spam filters?


Start a Spam Test using ESP Syncing

Integrate your ESP and easily run a Spam Test with fewer clicks.

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📙 How to Run a Spam Test with ESP Sync

📝 What is a Blocklist?

💌 Litmus Podcast Episode: How Gmail Detects Spam

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