Litmus Learning webinar recordings

Each month we dive into a specific area of Litmus to help you broaden your knowledge and explore functionality you haven't used before. If you can't attend live for our monthly Litmus Learning series, check out the recording archive here. To join our next one, keep an eye out for the invite in your inbox or right in Litmus!

Automate Your Email Development with Litmus | April 2022

In this webinar, we’ll explore how to leverage all the power of Litmus Builder to cut your development time in half (not an exaggeration).

Work Smarter with Email Analytics | March 2022

Take a deep dive into Litmus Email Analytics. We'll walk through what's available, how to leverage email insights to power omnichannel marketing campaigns, and how to get started.

How Real Email Experts Put Personalization to Work | February 2022

In this webinar, three email pros share their tips, experiences, and best practices for leveraging personalization in email.

Get Started with Modular Building in Litmus | January 2022

In this webinar, Carin Slater (Email Marketing Specialist at Litmus) walks through how Litmus uses reusable code modules to build emails faster—and shares her advice on how you can get started with modular building.

Prepare for 2022 with Litmus | December 2021

In this webinar, Kaela Mazzola (Product Marketing Manager at Litmus), and Shannon Howard (Customer Marketing Manager at Litmus) share four trends slated to email teams in 2022—and how you can use Litmus to prepare for the New Year.

What's New in Litmus | November 2021

In this webinar, Jess Materna (Director of Product Marketing at Litmus) and Shannon Howard (Customer Marketing Manager at Litmus) share insights from the 2021 State of Email Report—and how these trends shaped our latest updates.

Stay Out of Spam with Litmus | October 2021

In this webinar, Grace Murray (Account Manager at Litmus) and Shannon Howard (Customer Marketing Manager at Litmus) talked about why emails land in spam, how Litmus Spam Testing works, and how you can avoid the junk folder with Litmus.

Email Testing & QA with Litmus | September 2021

In this webinar, Joe Savitch (Director of Marketing and Operations at Altos Agency), Carin Slater (Email Marketing Specialist at Litmus), and Shannon Howard (Customer Marketing Manager) walked through common critical errors in emails—and how you can spot and fix them with Litmus.

Get Agile with Litmus: 5 ways to save time using Litmus | August 2021

In this webinar, Jonathan Harrell (Customer Success Manager at Litmus) and Shannon Howard (Customer Marketing Manager at Litmus) talked about agile marketing and shared five ways you can use Litmus to speed up your whole email workflow.

Future of Insights & Analytics | July 2021

With Apple Mail Privacy Protection rolling out in September, how we “do email” is changing. We need to prepare for a season of flying blind and identify new ways to measure email performance. Jessica Raggio (VP of Product Marketing at Litmus), John Billington (Director of Product Management at Litmus), and Shannon Howard (Customer Marketing Manager at Litmus) share practical tips to help you prepare for the future of email insights and analytics.

Let's Get Modular | June 2021

Building emails with email modules is a great way to make your production process more efficient. We spent some time in our latest webinar to talk about this hot topic with Brandon Lawson and Ryan Wallace from Ferguson Enterprises as well as Lauren Kremer and Scott Epple from the Litmus team. We walked through what modular email building is, how Ferguson Enterprises does it, and how Litmus can help you get started.

What's New in Litmus | May 2021

In this webinar, Kelsey Doyle, a Customer Success Manager at Litmus, and Scott Epple, a Principal Product Manager at Litmus, share how the latest updates help your team quickly build brand-compliant emails—regardless of technical coding abilities. 

Ask the Email Experts | April 2021

The Litmus email team took your questions live. Use the video chapters to skip ahead to the questions that interest you most. 

Meet the New Litmus (And Get Started Seamlessly) | March 2021

Transition seamlessly to the New Litmus interface with this walkthrough.

What's New in Litmus | February 2021

Learn how you can take email efficiency up a notch with the latest updates in Litmus.

How Litmus Uses Email Analytics

Learn how the Litmus team leverages the data in Analytics to make decisions.

Litmus 2020: Product Year in Review

See what we've worked on in 2020 at Litmus. 

How to Finally Get your Team Using Litmus

Learn how to fit Litmus into your process, no matter how you work. 

Organize your Litmus Account Like a Pro

Get inspired with tips on a tidy Litmus account from our very own Jaina Mistry.

5 Time-Saving Tactics

Save time with these shortcuts to make your life easier. 

Checklist Deep Dive

Get detailed info on each section of Checklist. 

How to Interpret Email Analytics to Inform Your Strategy

Litmus customer DEG joins us to discuss how they use Email Analytics in their process.

Maximize Team Collaboration

Learn how to get emails out the door faster while working together.

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