New Litmus quick start

We’ve made changes to our navigation. Here are some quick tips to help you transition from legacy Litmus to the new version: 

  • Your Litmus personal send-in email address has changed.  Use the "Send in your email" button to copy the updated one. 
  • Legacy tools like Checklist, Builder, and Proof are now all within a single email.  Use the dashboard modules, send in, or "Create New" to start building or testing.  Note that Checklist has been retitled "Previews and QA". 
  • Legacy Checklists, Proofs, and Builder projects are available in the Legacy Emails folder. Use those folders to import any tests or projects into New Litmus. We will keep your legacy emails here for quite a while. See the Litmus data retention policy for details. 

Find your way around New Litmus with this guide:

Use the top-level navigation to start building, previewing, and testing a new email, or click “Create New.”


Hover over any recent email to jump into the email project where you left off, or use the folder system on the left to find and open an existing project.


Within any email project, you can view a summary of your email, build, test, review, and analyze your email.

email project tabs

To provide feedback or get additional assistance, click “Help” in the upper right corner. 

Your feedback is essential and we look forward to hearing from you!

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