Builder "Share" changes

What is this change?

Litmus Builder users will no longer be able to share Builder documents via an email address to non-Litmus Users. You will now be able to share only by selecting an existing Litmus user from a dropdown list in the Share Test window.

Why is Litmus making this change?

The email service provider (ESP) we use for our transactional emails (those emails that are sent directly from the Litmus app) requires an explicit opt-in for any email address as part of their privacy policy terms and conditions. By limiting the email address to those users that are on your Litmus account, and consequently, who have agreed to our terms of usage, we're able to ensure that we never send unsolicited emails.

How can I share my Builder documents with non-Litmus users moving forward?

You have three options to share Builder documents with non-Litmus users: 1) You can publish the document as a shared link and send it directly to the desired contact. 2) You can add your desired contacts as Read-only or Reviewer users in Litmus and they will appear on the dropdown list in the Share Test window. 3) You can embed your email’s HTML on a landing page (see how we did it in this blog post!)

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