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Getting Started Guides

Get Started Here

Quick videos and guides to learn Litmus fast

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Litmus Help Center

What's new in Litmus

Learn about new additions and enhancements to the Litmus platform

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Plans, Pricing, & Trials

Learn which plan is right for you, how to manage your trial, watch a demo

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Manage Your Account

Change your email & password, edit roles, enable two-factor authentication, and more

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Manage Your Subscription

Cancel your subscription, delete your account, find receipts, and more

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Create and implement personalized images

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Email Testing (Previews)

Test across email clients, understand usage, troubleshoot common issues

22 articles

Pre-Send Testing (Checklist)

QA your email, check accessibility, share results

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Spam Testing

Perform a pre-send Spam Test, learn how to test with your ESP, and more

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Email Analytics

Create and insert tracking codes, add custom parameters, use merge tags

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Insights & Reports

Understand analytics reports, set up Integrated Insights, export data

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Sync with your ESP, test with extension, set up integrations

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Email Proofing

Review and approve emails with your team using Litmus Proof

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Create emails with code or Visual Editor, build with modular content, and more

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Design Library

Create and organize modules, set up templates and more

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Security & Trust Center

Learn about our data security, GDPR compliance, security integrations

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Free Litmus Tools

Learn about Gmail Promotions tab testing, Scope, Community Templates

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