Getting Started with Litmus Pro

Below are some helpful guides to get you started with using your Litmus Pro account.

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Your Pro Account Holder

Account Holders on Pro carry an important role in their account—they are responsible for the advanced administrative and user permissioning management across all the subaccounts. Account Holders are the only users who can create new subaccounts, add users to new subaccounts, pull user/subaccounts usage reports, and review account payment history.

If you need to determine your account holder or would like to change ownership, please get in touch!

Accessing the Pro Dashboard

To access the administrative controls available to Pro Account Holders, navigate to the Pro icon in the left-hand sidebar.

The Summary Page serves as your dashboard and a snapshot of recently added users, Email Analytics usage, and previews run across all your accounts, as well as recent billing and payment information.

This page also includes some handy shortcuts to other important sections of your Pro account. In the Recently Added Users section you’ll find a link to Manage All Users, which takes you to the Account Page.

You’ll also find a link to View All Invoices. This shortcut leads to the Finance Page where you can review historical billing/payment details.

Note: Users may appear under Recently Added Users more than once if they have been recently added to one more than one subaccount. If a user was added to a subaccount in error, click on the cog icon to the right or navigate to the Accounts page to edit that user’s permissions.

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