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Litmus Community Templates are a collection of modern, high-quality, free HTML email templates for use in any project. All of the emails are thoroughly tested in Litmus and are available for use as plain HTML, in Litmus Builder, and in MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. To get started, head over to the Litmus Community Templates and browse the latest templates.

How do I use the free email templates?

To get started with a template, sign into your Litmus account. If you don’t already have one, you can create a free Community account, which also gives you access to post discussions on the Litmus Community.

After finding a template you like, simply press the “Open in Litmus Builder” button. If you’re not signed in, you will be presented with a form to either sign in or sign up for a Litmus account.

Signup form

Once signed in, pressing the "Open in Litmus Builder" button will open the HTML file in Litmus Design Library templates. From there, you can easily customize your template and test it with 90+ different email clients (paid feature). Alternatively, you can copy and paste the HTML for use in your code editor of choice. 

You can access your saved templates at any time by visiting

Using Templates in MailChimp

After logging into your MailChimp account, select the “Templates” page from the top navigation menu. On the Templates page, choose “Create Template” with the dark grey button on the right side of the page.

Mailchimp Templates

From there, navigate to the “Code Your Own” tab and select one of the three options. If you have the MailChimp template open in an external code editor, you can easily copy and paste it into MailChimp using the first option. If not, you can use the second or third option to upload the HTML file or a .zip file, respectively. Either way, you will be presented with the following, allowing you to name your template and choose the file for upload.

Mailchimp template upload

Once uploaded, you will be able to edit the template code in MailChimp’s editor. If you don’t want to make any changes to the underlying template, press “Save & Exit” in the bottom right corner.

Mailchimp editor

Congratulations! Your new template is now ready for use in MailChimp.


Litmus Community Templates provide only basic support for MailChimp, allowing you to easily edit, add, and remove content in the template. If you need to update the template for more advanced features, please refer to MailChimp’s documentation to do so.

Using Templates in Campaign Monitor

After logging into your Campaign Monitor account, navigate to the Templates page using the drop down menu underneath your profile picture. Once there, press the “Upload your own” button.

Campaign Monitor templates

Name your template and choose the HTML file for uploading.

Campaign Monitor template upload

Select the appropriate file from your computer and then press “Add template”. This uploads your template for use in Campaign Monitor. From there, you can start a new campaign or update an existing one to use your new template. After naming your campaign and filling out information about the subject line and sender, choose “My templates” from the left hand navigation and select your uploaded template.

Campaign monitor select template


Litmus Community Templates provide only basic support for Campaign Monitor, allowing you to easily edit, add, and remove content in the template. If you need to update the template for more advanced features, please refer to Campaign Monitor’s documentation to do so.

Do you support any other ESP integrations?

Not right now. While we hope to add other ESP-specific templates in the future, we only offer MailChimp and Campaign Monitor versions right now. They are two of the more popular ESPs and both have easy to integrate tempting languages.

While we don't integrate with other ESPs, you can download the plain HTML of any email and update them to work with the ESP of your choice.

Can I submit my own email templates to the gallery?

Our ultimate goal is to allow Community members to submit their own templates. However, we're still working on a good way to have them do that, while keeping the quality of templates high. If you're interested in submitting your own templates, please fill out this quick form. It will let us get to know you and we'll contact you as soon as we start taking submissions.

Where can I get help with Litmus Community Templates?

While we don't provide direct support for the templates in the Community, this Community discussion was set up for people troubleshooting problems with the templates. It is monitored both by Litmus and the original designers of the templates. The Community is very active and helpful, so you should be able to address your issue there.

Get started with Litmus Community Templates

Now that you've got the how-to, it's time to use them yourself! Head over to the Litmus Community to download a template and start creating your next amazing email.

Download a free template →

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