Share or export Previews & QA test results

If you would like to share your pre-send testing results with your team or clients, you can easily do this from the Previews & QA tab of your email. 

Prepare to share

  1. Select an email in any folder.
  2. Choose the Previews & QA tab of the email view.
  3. Select Share.You'll have the option to create a public URL to the test results or download a .zip file containing your screenshots.

Create a public pre-send test

  1. Use the slider to Make this test public. 
  2. Litmus creates a public, read-only version of the Previews & QA pre-send testing checklist view and generates a unique URL you can share. 
  3. Choose your options. You can choose which sections of your test you would like to share and which specific email clients to include.

Note: Anyone with the URL will then be able to access your report. You may turn sharing off at any time by toggling the Make this test public switch off. 

Animation of selecting the Share button and the options for creating a public share link and download options

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