Using Scope

How much does Scope cost?

Nothing—it’s free! If you’d like to save your Scoped emails, you’ll just need to sign up with your email address.

How do I use Scope?

  1. Install the bookmarklet in your browser by dragging the orange "Get the Bookmarklet" button into your browser toolbar.
  2. Open an email in Gmail—it doesn't matter if images are enabled.
  3. Click the bookmarklet while the email is open.
  4. Your Scoped email link will appear momentarily!

Do I need a Litmus account to use Scope?

No. However, Scoped emails are only available for 15 days without a Litmus ID. If you’d like to save your Scoped emails for longer than 15 days or have the capability to obscure personal information in your emails, you must sign up for a Litmus ID.

If you pay for a Litmus subscription or have in the past, you already have a Litmus ID—it’s your email address! If you need a Litmus ID, you can get one by clicking the “Save Scope” link at the top of Scoped messages, or at


How long is my Scope link valid?

If you already have a Litmus ID and Scoped your emails while signed in, your Scope links have no expiration date. Without a Litmus ID, Scope links will expire after 15 days.

Can I Scope a plain text email?

Yes! You can Scope any type of email—HTML or text, personal or promotional.

Are links clickable in Scoped emails?

No. Links are disabled in Scoped emails for privacy/security. Scope is perfect for sharing emails and inspecting HTML. For link validation, you might want to try Litmus.

If my email gets Scoped, will my click or open data be affected?

Links in Scoped emails are disabled, however open tracking will remain in place. Any open activity or views of the Scoped email will be attributed to the original recipient of the email.

Which email clients are supported?

Scope is currently supported in Gmail. We’re working on adding additional webmail services, such as Yahoo! and

Does the email have to be opened to Scope it?

Yes. In order to Scope an email, the email must be opened in Gmail. Once the email is opened, simply click the “Scope It” bookmarklet!

Do images in the email have to be downloaded in order to Scope it?

No. As long as the email is opened, images do not have to be downloaded in order to be Scoped.

Can you Scope an email from a “view in browser” link?

No. Scope works within the Gmail interface, so the actual email has to be opened, not the “view in browser” link.

I tried dragging the bookmarklet into my browser, but it didn’t work. What’s the issue?

Make sure your bookmark bar is visible and try dragging the Scope bookmarklet into that area. If you are having issues, please email us and we’ll take a look for you!

How do I obscure personal information within a Scoped email?

Make sure you are signed in with your Litmus ID. After you’ve Scoped an email, you’ll see a “settings” dropdown.


Click on “Hide Sensitive Information”, and you’ll see a window asking for the words, email addresses, usernames or other information you’d like to obscure.

How do I delete a Scoped link?

You’ll need a Litmus ID to delete Scoped emails. After signing in, either use the “settings” dropdown on an individual Scope page or visit your Scope dashboard to delete specific emails.


Why are some of my images missing in Scope?

Scope will automatically remove information from all links and URLs within the email since we do not know if the links are sensitive or not, or would include click tracking parameters that could potentially skew Email Service Provider data. We try to exclude images from the removal process where possible, but sometimes an image will be removed. This is a known limitation of Scope.

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