Litmus' loading speed report

Litmus includes a loading speed report in each Previews & QA checklist so you can see your email’s image load times and identify broken images that need to be fixed. You'll see the Loading Speed option in the left side menu of your checklist.

Loading Speed will show you how many images are in your email, the size of each image, and the total size of all of the images included in your email. We'll also show you the total time it took for all the images in your email to load. In the detailed report, you can see the load time for each image, the full image path and even click to open the image in a new tab. We'll also identify any broken images with a red x.

Image Check looks at images that are used in HTML img tags and images contained in the CSS background-image property.

We ignore Email Analytics tracking codes and known tracking pixels from popular Email Service Providers in the Loading Speed Check report. We do this so it does not interfere with your tracking data.

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