Litmus Email Analytics FTP Data Feeds

Litmus Email Analytics FTP Data Feeds is available on Litmus Enterprise plans only.

What are Litmus Email Analytics FTP Data Feeds and why might I want to use them?

Litmus Email Analytics FTP Data Feeds provides you with the raw data behind your Email Analytics campaigns.

It is an ideal solution for larger organizations who want to integrate Email Analytics data into something like a CRM suite or business intelligence platform. These data feeds will allow you to more fully integrate Litmus data into your existing databases and applications.

In order to take advantage of these data feeds you should have the capability to receive file transfers via FTP, FTPS or SFTP and have the ability to automate processing and importing of these files upon receipt.

How do Litmus Email Analytics FTP Data Feeds work?

  1. Once per day Litmus will push to an FTP location that you provide a CSV file containing all the hits for your campaign for the last 24 hours.
  2. You will receive 1 file per campaign. If you have multiple concurrent campaigns you will receive multiple files.
  3. The files will be zipped to expedite Litmus' sending of your files.
  4. Litmus will make every reasonable attempt to deliver the files. In the case of a temporary outage, the next file delivered would contain all hits since the last successful transmission.

What is the file naming convention?

The file will be named and will be a ZIP containing a single file named similarly, GUID_YYYY_MM_DD.csv where GUID is the campaign GUID unique to your campaign.

What if a file with that name already exists on my FTP server?

Because the file name contains a unique GUID and a date stamp, it is very unlikely a file with the same name would exist. In the unlikely event that one does, we would consider that a transmission failure and would contact you regarding the failure.

What time is the file delivered daily?

We aim to deliver the file between 12:00 AM and 05:00 AM EST.

What data is available via these data feeds?

A full description of data fields is available at:

Note: To align with rising data privacy protection measures and to protect the privacy of your subscribers, Litmus removed the geolocation data from Litmus Email Analytics in January 2022.

What kind of FTP server will you support?

Litmus currently supports:

  1. FTP
  2. Secure FTP (aka FTPS) using either SSL or TLS
  3. FTP over SSH (aka SFTP) without key exchange

Unfortunately, Litmus doesn't support anonymous FTP.

Can I provide a directory for Litmus to drop the file into?

Yes. As a suggestion, a best practice would be to limit the user to only have access to a single folder so you would not need to provide a directory.

What if there is a transmission failure or my server is down?

Each file sent is a delta—it will only contain the new hits since the last successful transmission. So if your server is down one day, the next file would contain 48 hours worth of data. If you anticipate your server being down for a prolonged period, please let us know and we can pause transmission.

I've contacted Litmus and supplied all my server info. When can I expect to start receiving files?

Once you supply your server information to Litmus it can take up to 48 to 72 hours to get your data added to our transmission process. Additionally, FTP will only work for Email Analytics codes created after you've submitted your details and going forward. Currently running and past campaigns will not be included.

I received a blank file with only column headers—why is that?

A blank file with only column headers indicates you've not received any Email Analytics hits in the past 24 hours for that campaign. We will always send a file so that customers who set up automated imports can rely on always having a file with headers even if there is no data for that time period.

How can I get started with Litmus Email Analytics FTP feeds?

If you are an Enterprise or Pro customer, please contact our support team via and provide us with the details of the FTP server you'd like data feeds delivered to. If you are on our Plus or Basic plans, you will need to upgrade to use the FTP feature.

If you are a reseller of Litmus Email Analytics, for campaigns you would like to receive data feeds for you can use a new API method CreateIndividualWithFtp. Contact our reseller support at with any questions.

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