Using Email Analytics with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

You can use Email Analytics to track your email campaigns sent out from Salesforce Marketing Cloud. When you’re working with the template inside Salesforce Marketing Cloud, navigate to the Code View of your Content tab.

Content Code View

Next, you can grab the tracking code from the Analytics tab of your Litmus account. Be sure to select Salesforce Marketing Cloud's merge tag in step 2 of the setup process. Copy and paste this code into your template. We recommend placing the tracking code by the closing </body> tag of your email, or as close to the bottom of your template as possible.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud merge tag

There are a few things to keep in mind when using Litmus codes with a template in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. After you insert the tracking code, Litmus will immediately begin to collect data of the hits that the tracking bug receives. Since the tracking bug works by loading a 1x1 pixel image (the same way that Salesforce Marketing Cloud tracks open), Litmus will receive information every time the email is loaded or previewed inside Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

For this reason, you might want to wait until your email is complete and tested before adding the tracking code. You’ll likely see several hits in Litmus after you insert the code—they may be labeled as “Web Version,” “Other” or occasionally “Outlook 2000-2003”.

Clear campaign data

You may clear your campaign data before it goes live using the Clear Data link below the name of your campaign. You will receive a warning prompt once you have clicked this link. Once you have cleared the data, you will see that the Summary area has been cleared.

Any future emails created using this existing template in Salesforce Marketing Cloud will still contain the tracking code, so you’ll want to clear the tracking code from the content area if you plan to re-use the template.

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