Legacy projects and tests

If your account was created before October 2019 and you had projects in the prior version of Litmus, you will find a Legacy Emails folder in the left pane of your inbox window.

Select Legacy Emails in the left-hand sidebar 

Litmus home page with arrow pointing to legacy emails folder in left pane

Legacy Builder or Proof projects are retained in Builder, Proof, and Checklist folders.

Contents displayed in legacy emails folder of builder, proof, and checklist project folders

Open a project and follow the prompt to have it moved to your Inbox folder.

A few things to note about accessing your legacy projects:

  • When transferred, projects are moved into the Unsorted folder  
  • All versions of a Builder project—and all emails within the project—will be transferred into a new folder in All Emails on the Home page
  • Email previews will not be generated when a transfer takes place
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