Flag for review options

Keep an eye on previews that need attention in your email design. Previews that are displaying issues or need more work can be identified by you and team members to make sure any concerns are addressed. Flagged previews will also appear in your shared projects, so you can easily make note of which clients look good or need work and notify the people you share your results with.

Previews & QA checklist view

Mark any of your previews in Previews & QA by selecting Flag for review, available under each preview whether in Grid or Full length view. Flagged previews will have a highlighted outline. Select the flag icon above the client window to filter your view to any flagged previews.

animation showing flagged preview, selecting another preview, and filtering using the flag icon

Individual detail view

You can flag previews in the individual detail view using the button at the bottom right of the preview window.

Preview detail view with arrow indication Flag for review button in lower right corner

NOTE: When a preview is flagged, the indicator will appear to be selected even after the preview is no longer flagged. This is so the preview is not recaptured and counted toward your usage.

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