ESP sync for Acoustic Campaign

With ESP Sync for Acoustic Campaign (formerly IBM Watson Campaign Automation), you can automatically sync your email code from Litmus Builder to Acoustic Campaign while you build.

In order to set up ESP Sync with Acoustic Campaign, you will first need to create a set of OAuth 2.0 authentication credentials in Acoustic Campaign, including a Client ID, Client Secret, and Refresh Token. Refer to these instructions for step-by-step help on creating and retrieving these credentials.

Note: enabling OAuth application access in Acoustic Campaign requires Organization Administrator permissions.

Once you have your Client IDClient Secret, and Refresh Token, return to Litmus and navigate to Settings > Manage ESPs. Click Add a new ESP, select Acoustic Campaign, and enter your credentials. Click Authenticate & Add ESP to complete setup.

Modal for setting up ESP sync with Acoustic Campaign in Litmus settings

Note: not sure what your Pod is? In Acoustic Campaign, navigate to your user settings and you will see the Pod listed there:

User settings in Acoustic Campaign with Pod information

For frequently asked questions about ESP sync, see our troubleshooting page.

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