Setting Up ESP Sync for Marketo

With ESP Sync for Marketo, you can automatically sync your email code and assets from Litmus Builder to Marketo while you build. When it’s time to review your email with Proof or Checklist, or run a Spam Test, you can quickly select a draft email from Marketo to view in Litmus without ever switching tools.

Setting up Marketo requires some extra inputs: Client Id, Client Secret, and the Identity URL and Endpoint URL from the REST API in your account. We currently only support syncing to Templates for Marketo ESP Syncing.


  • Go to Admin > LaunchPoint
  • Create a New Service (select Custom as the service type)
    marketo-installed and

  • Once service is created, get the Client Id and Client Secret by clicking on View Details
    marketo-client-secret and
  • Go to Admin > Web Services
  • Grab the Identity URL and Endpoint URL under the REST API section

For Frequently Asked Questions about ESP sync, see our FAQ page.

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