Troubleshooting ESP sync

What is ESP sync?

ESP sync makes it easier to build and test your emails in Litmus. Read more about it here.

Why is my campaign not syncing?

There are several reasons why your campaign may not be syncing to your ESP. Here are common reasons:

  • Duplicate campaign name. You cannot sync an email with a title that already exists in your ESP. To fix this, simply change the title of your Builder document.
  • Unverified domain in MailChimp. If you are syncing to MailChimp, we populate a campaign from email address with the email address of the MailChimp account. MailChimp requires the from email address domain to be verified in order to sync properly. You can learn more about how to verify domains in MailChimp here.
  • MailChimp's gallery has an upload limit of 1GB. If you exceed your storage limit in MailChimp's gallery by attempting to sync images uploaded from Builder, the sync will error. Delete images to fall under the 1GB limit and re-try syncing.
  • Email is no longer in a draft state. If an email was previously synced and moved outside of a draft state in the ESP such as being sent or deleted, the sync will be unsuccessful. You will have to duplicate the document to attempt a new sync.
  • Campaign Monitor templates require template tags. You need at least one <singleline>, <multiline>, or <img editable>, <repeatertitle>, <tableofcontents>, and <unsubscribe> tag in your template when syncing to Campaign Monitor. Simply update your email/template with these changes and re-save to re-sync.
  • Campaign Monitor emails and templates require view online and unsubscribe links for every sync. Simply update your email/template with these changes and re-save to re-sync.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud accounts that utilize the Approval functionality in Content Builder. Sync functionality will not work unless the email is in an Approved state for sending. More on Salesforce Content Builder Approvals here.
  • Your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account must have the All Subscribers List setting enabled. This setting is disabled by default and can be enabled by submitting a request through Marketing Cloud support to allow ESP sync to function properly.
  • The selected email did not pass validation with your email service provider (ESP). Salesforce Marketing Cloud checks your email message for common issues that could prevent your email from being sent. This is to help ensure the email message you send appears to the subscriber the way you intended it to. They list four required elements to pass Email Validation and here's how to Validate an Email within Salesforce Marketing Cloud. You can try sending the email into Litmus manually for any draft displaying this error.
  • Acoustic Campaign (formerly IBM Watson Campaign Automation) does not support image syncing. You cannot sync images from Builder to Acoustic due to Acoustic's lack of API support.
  • You must choose an email group for the selected email in Eloqua. In order to trigger a test from Eloqua, the email must belong to an Email Group.
  • Using emojis in Marketo. Syncing to Marketo from Builder will fail if you try to sync an email that contains an emoji in it that is not using the emoji's HTML entity.
  • Marketo workspaces and partitions are not supported. We currently do not support the use of ESP Sync with Workspaces and Partitions in Marketo. 

A best practice is if you ever encounter sync errors, please try re-syncing or make the appropriate changes and re-save your document to attempt a re-sync.

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