What are Email Client Recommendations?

Email Previews are a huge part of the Litmus experience and we've made this popular feature even better with data-driven insights to help you get the most out of your email testing.  Depending on your usage of Litmus Email Analytics, you will see a recommended list of clients you should be testing, right inside of Litmus Checklist, based on actual subscriber data and updates to the clients and devices Litmus supports.

Email Client Recommendations supplement the clients and devices you have already included in your email client list for Email Previews. This new feature identifies clients you have not selected, but are used by your actual subscribers (specific to your account, based on your Email Analytics data), are popular with subscribers as a whole (based on aggregated Litmus data), or that have just been added to Email Previews. Adding these recommended clients to your Email Previews list will ensure you are testing where subscribers are engaging with content the most.

Please note: Any email clients marked as Hidden in your Global Email Clients list will not appear in your Email Client Recommendations.

email client recommendations

Types of Recommendations

  1. Missing - Clients most frequently used by your specific subscribers based on Email Analytics data available from previous email campaigns and unique to your account.  These personalized recommendations help you test the clients most relevant to your subscribers so you can ensure a great email experience.
  2. Popular - Clients based on overall popularity from all Litmus customers and their engagement data in aggregate.  Think of these as recommendations based on the data that drives our Email Client Market Share report: https://emailclientmarketshare.com/
  3. New - Clients that have recently been added to our supported list for Previews or that you may not have considered yet for testing.  Since we frequently add new client support, and existing clients may be updated often, we want to make sure you're notified as soon as we add them so you are always testing in the latest environments.


  • How do I turn on Email Client Recommendations?
    • All Litmus Enterprise customers will automatically have access to this feature in the New Litmus experience and will see relevant Email Client Recommendations in Checklist when working in the Email Previews section.
  • How do I get personalized recommendations based on my account data?
    • Personalized, or "Missing", Email Client Recommendations require your account to have enough Email Analytics data from previous campaigns, so that we can provide the most relevant and actionable client recommendations. If enough data exists, you will automatically see these recommendations. To generate additional data or ensure you are always getting the most up-to-date recommendations, be sure to add Email Analytics tracking codes to every campaign.
  • I don’t see any recommended clients. Why is that?
    • If you are already testing all of the clients your subscribers are using, that are most popular based on aggregated Litmus data, or that have been newly added, you will not see any Email Client Recommendations. In this case, congratulations! You are already testing where it matters most.
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