Using Litmus with HubSpot

With ESP Sync for HubSpot, you can automatically sync your email from Litmus Builder to HubSpot so that it remains up-to-date in both locations every time you save. This eliminates the hassle of copying and pasting content between Litmus and HubSpot.

NOTE: ESP Sync for HubSpot is available on Litmus Plus & Enterprise plans.

IMPORTANT: In order to use ESP Sync with HubSpot, your HubSpot Subscription must have access to Design Manager. For more information on Design Manager, and the plans with access, please see HubSpot's official documentation.

Set up ESP Sync with HubSpot

To set up Litmus ESP Sync with HubSpot, Account Holders, Admins, or Full users need to take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Manage ESPs page in Litmus Settings 

    manage esps

  2. Select Add a new ESP using the green button in the top-right of the screen.
  3. From the dropdown menu choose HubSpot.
  4. add new ESP
  5. The Sync with HubSpot modal will then appear. Select the Get Started with ESP Sync for HubSpot option.

  6. sync with hubspot

  7. You will then be redirected to HubSpot in a new browser tab and asked to enter your HubSpot credentials and choose which account you would like Litmus to sync with.

Once you confirm authorization to enable the sync, you will return to Litmus. HubSpot will now be showing as a connected ESP.  Select the Nickname field to give your HubSpot connection a custom nickname for easy identification.

HubSpot Connected via ESP Sync

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Sync Litmus projects to HubSpot

  1. Open a Litmus email project in Builder and select the 'Sync to ESP' option.

    Sync to HubSpot from Builder

  2. A sidebar will appear and show a HubSpot tile within the  'Connected ESPs' section. To begin syncing the Litmus email to HubSpot click on the "HubSpot" tile and (optionally) choose a folder (or sub-folder) within HubSpot to sync your email to. 

    Sync an email to a folder in HubSpot

  3. After a few seconds, the page will update and there will now be a file path showing within the HubSpot tile. The Litmus email is now synced to Hubspot. 

    Successful sync to HubSpot

The Litmus project will have been added to a route 'Litmus Sync' folder within the 'Emails' area of HubSpot. It can be navigated to directly from the URL shown on the HubSpot tile within Litmus Builder or via HubSpot's UI.  Each time you save, the changes will sync to HubSpot and you'll see the "Last synced" date and time matches the last saved date and time upon each save. 

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Review, test, and analyze your email in Litmus

When you are done building your email, Litmus lets you collaborate with other team members on reviews and approvals and thoroughly test your email to give it the best chance of reaching the inbox, not spam folder, and resulting in an exceptional subscriber experience. After you send, subscriber-level engagement insights are available so you can determine what content and tactics resonate with your audience.


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Can I move an email from the Litmus Sync folder after syncing?

Yes. The email can be moved from the default  Litmus Sync folder it first appears in within HubSpot without breaking the sync between the Litmus project and the email in HubSpot.

How often is the sync to HubSpot updated?

Every time the Litmus Builder project is saved.

How do I un-sync a Litmus email from HubSpot?

Select the Synced to ESP button at the top right, then Stop syncing to break the sync between the Litmus Builder project and the email in HubSpot.

How do I disconnect Litmus ESP sync from HubSpot?

Visit Manage ESPs in your Litmus Settings and select the trashcan icon next to the HubSpot listing, then follow on-screen prompts to confirm you want to disconnect ESP Sync.

NOTE: once ESP Sync has been disconnected, all relationships between Litmus projects and emails in HubSpot will be permanently lost.


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