How are Apple Mail opens reported within Email Analytics?

For users of Apple email apps not using the Apple Mail Privacy service, opens are labeled Apple iPhone, Apple Mail, and Apple iPad in Litmus Analytics. These opens are only for the built-in Apple Mail app that comes standard with Apple operating systems and does not include third-party apps like Outlook or Gmail that also run on Apple devices. 

For opens made in Apple prior to Apple iOS 15 (iPhone), iPad OS 15, and Mac OS Monterey you will see opens reported as:

Apple iPhone - opens made on a mobile device using the standard Apple Mail mobile app.

Apple iPad - opens made on an iPad using the standard Apple Mail app.

Apple Mail - opens made on a desktop using the standard Apple Mail app. 

Opens made in Apple's mail app after iOS 15 (iPhone), iPad OS 15, and Mac OS Monterey will show as: 

Via Apple's Image Cache Light Mode
Via Apple's Image Cache Dark Mode

These are now labeled as  Apple Privacy-Impacted Opens in the reports.  These are the opens that are coming from the new Apple Mail email clients that we know are unreliable due to the way that Apple is making data available to the sender. 

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