Discontinued: Apple Audience Report

NOTE: The Apple Audience Report feature is no longer available. Reports created before September 2021 will still be available as a reference in your account but new reports can not be created.

About the Apple Audience Report

The new Apple Audience Report in Litmus Email Analytics allows you to prepare for Appleā€™s Mail Privacy Protection before it happens by making it easy to get a baseline of your Apple Mail users before the release of iOS15.  This report estimates the impact on your subscriber base and provides detailed analytics on the segment of your subscriber base that will be impacted. 

With the upcoming launch of Apple iOS 15 Mail Privacy Protection in September or October 2021, marketers may lose visibility of data for those Apple users who opt-in. This report shows your audience breakdown based on tracking code data from the last 90 days, serving as a baseline for your email program.

How to create the Apple Audience Report

The Apple Audience Report is available on accounts with Litmus Email Analytics.  It is a feature of the Analyze section of Litmus and can be viewed by following this link: litmus.com/analytics/apple-audience-report. 

The report is automatically populated with the last 90 days of Litmus tracking code data.  You must have created and activated a Tracking Code that has generated open data during the last 90 days in order to view the report.  If you don't have any recent tracking code data in your account, the report will prompt you to create a new tracking code to get started.  Once you create a tracking code, simply place it in the footer of your email HTML and include it in a send to your customers.  Read more about how to set up tracking codes and use Email Analytics here. 

Using the Report

The report provides an overview of your current audience who are reading their email on Apple devices and Apple Mail email clients.  There are four charts, all based on the last 90 days of email opens: 

  • Total audience breakdown of Apple Mail opens vs all others
  • Apple Mail clients breakdown
  • % of opens who are using Dark mode
  • Reading environments of Apple devices

Use this data to determine the size of your Apple audience as a future reference.  

Once the Apple Mail Privacy feature is launched, Litmus will stop updating the report and the data will remain fixed so that you can use it when analyzing email analytics after the rollout and adoption of Apple Mail Privacy. 

Who can access the report?

The Apple Audience Report is available on all accounts with access to the Litmus Email Analytics feature.  Email Analytics is currently available on Litmus Plus and Enterprise plans. All user roles except Proof Reviewers can view the report.

Additional Resources

Blog: Apple Privacy announcement

Blog: How to create a reliable opens audience for non-apple mail users.

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