Requiring passwords on public Proof share links

The default mode for public Proof links allows reviewers to leave feedback or approve a Proof without signing in. Account Holders can change settings to require password protection for public share links.

Set share link password security option

In your Litmus settings, select Manage security in the left menu, then choose the Password & session tab. Scroll to the bottom of the window to find Password-protected Proofs and check the box to require passwords, then select the green Save password settings button.

Account settings manage security option with password & session tab selected

password protected proofs section with checkbox indicated

With this setting enabled, reviewers will have to sign up or log in before they can leave comments or approve a Proof from a public share link. Regardless of whether you require passwords or not, anyone with access to the share link will only be able to access the Proof and not any other part of your Litmus account.

NOTE: Even when passwords are required to comment or approve, the public share link allows anyone with the link to view the Proof so share it only with people you trust. If you are concerned about making your Proof public, use the Invite Users tab instead to directly invite users via unique invitation links.

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