About BIMI and why it matters

Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI for short) is an emerging email standard that can help give your email better visibility and trust in the inbox. Once verified under a set of BIMI specifications, BIMI allows you to display a sender logo alongside your messages in the inbox. Learn all about BIMI, its benefits, and what mailbox providers support it in our blog article.

To set up BIMI, you'll need to authenticate your organization's emails, produce an SVG version of your logo, publish a BIMI record for your domain, and verify proper set up. Read our step-by-step guide to get all the details.

How does Litmus help?

Run a Litmus spam test or send in your email to verify that your BIMI is properly configured. Your results will show in the Authentication check in Spam Testing. If your BIMI is not set up correctly, we highlight what is wrong so you can fix it.

Example of a passing BIMI check:

BIMI Details Check Result with Test Result Pass in Spam Testing of Previews & QA

Example of a failing BIMI check:

BIMI Details Check Result with Test Result Fail in Spam Testing of Previews & QA

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