Accessibility checks defined

Rule ID Description Impact
accesskeys Ensures every accesskey attribute value is unique Serious
area-alt Ensures <area> elements of image maps have alternate text Critical
aria-allowed-attr Ensures ARIA attributes are allowed for an element's role Serious, Critical
aria-allowed-role Ensures role attribute has an appropriate value for the element Mild
aria-hidden-body Ensures aria-hidden='true' is not present on the document body. Critical
aria-progressbar-name Ensures every ARIA progressbar node has an accessible name Serious
aria-required-attr Ensures elements with ARIA roles have all required ARIA attributes Critical
aria-required-children Ensures elements with an ARIA role that require child roles contain them Critical
aria-required-parent Ensures elements with an ARIA role that require parent roles are contained by them Critical
aria-roledescription Ensure aria-roledescription is only used on elements with an implicit or explicit role Serious
aria-roles Ensures all elements with a role attribute use a valid value Mild, Serious, Critical
aria-toggle-field-name Ensures every ARIA toggle field has an accessible name Moderate, Serious
aria-tooltip-name Ensures every ARIA tooltip node has an accessible name Serious
aria-valid-attr-value Ensures all ARIA attributes have valid values Serious, Critical
aria-valid-attr Ensures attributes that begin with aria- are valid ARIA attributes Critical
color-contrast Ensures the contrast between foreground and background colors meets WCAG 2 AA minimum contrast ratio thresholds Critical
content-type Ensures "meta content-type" and character set are defined Moderate, Serious
definition-list Ensures <dl> elements are structured correctly Serious
dlitem Ensures <dt> and <dd> elements are contained by a <dl> Serious
document-title Ensures each HTML document contains a non-empty <title> element Serious
duplicate-id Ensures every id attribute value is unique Mild
empty-heading Ensures headings have discernible text Mild
heading-order Ensures the order of headings is semantically correct Moderate
html-has-lang Ensures every HTML document has a lang attribute Serious
html-lang-valid Ensures the lang attribute of the <html> element has a valid value Serious
html-xml-lang-mismatch Ensure that HTML elements with both valid lang and xml:lang attributes agree on the base language of the page Moderate
image-alt Ensures <img> elements have alternate text or a role of none or presentation Critical
image-redundant-alt Ensure image alternative is not repeated as text Mild
justification Ensures body content is not center aligned Mild
landmark-no-duplicate-main Ensures the document has at most one main landmark Moderate
landmark-unique Landmarks should have a unique role or role/label/title (i.e. accessible name) combination Moderate
link-name Ensures links have discernible text Serious
list Ensures that lists are structured correctly Serious
listitem Ensures <li> elements are used semantically Serious
meta-viewport-large Ensures <meta name="viewport"> can scale a significant amount Mild
meta-viewport Ensures <meta name="viewport"> does not disable text scaling and zooming Critical
object-alt Ensures <object> elements have alternate text Serious
page-has-heading-one Ensure that the page, or at least one of its frames contains a level-one heading Moderate
presentation-role-conflict Flags elements whose role is none or presentation and which cause the role conflict resolution to trigger. Mild
role-img-alt Ensures [role='img'] elements have alternate text Serious
tabindex Ensures tabindex attribute values are not greater than 0 Serious
table-roles Ensures table roles are defined Serious
svg-img-alt Ensures <svg> elements with an img, graphics-document or graphics-symbol role have an accessible text Serious
valid-lang Ensures lang attributes have valid values Serious
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