Turn on Litmus notifications in Slack

The Litmus + Slack integration allows Litmus teams to receive notifications about certain Litmus activities directly in Slack.

NOTE: Slack notifications are available for Account Holder, Admin, and Full users in Litmus.

Get started

To begin receiving Litmus notifications via Slack, users will need to ensure the Litmus App has first been approved by their Slack Workspace and then log into Litmus to add the Litmus App to Slack.

Slack workspace owner/admin setup

Allow Litmus users to access the Litmus + Slack notifications app. Visit the Litmus Slack App Directory listing and choose the Approve for workspace button or you will receive a Slackbot message if any of your users request access.

slackbot workspace permission request example message

Litmus account holder or admin setup

The Account Holder or Admin user can set up channel notifications for the account. They can select which channels in their Slack workspace will be available for users to get Litmus notifications.

In Litmus Settings, select Apps in the left menu, then use the New Configuration button in Channel Notifications to begin setup for your Litmus user channel choices.

apps option in Litmus settings with new configuration button circled

The Slack web application window will open, requesting permission for Litmus access and allowing you to select the channels with notifications you'll want your team to receive. One channel can be selected each time but you can add as many as you'd like. After each one, you will be returned to your Litmus setup window.

slack permission request window with dropdown for channel search to connect in Litmus

You can add new channels at any time or remove any channels in the same App section. To remove a channel, select the trash can icon on the right side of the channel's row in the list.

configured channel notifications showing in Litmus apps setting window

Litmus user setup

Visit the Litmus Slack App Directory listing and select Add to Slack located under the Litmus logo. If the Litmus app has not been approved for your workspace yet, this will notify the owner(s) of your Slack Workspace that you would like to use it.

slack app directory to add the Litmus app

Once the Litmus App has been approved for your Slack Workspace, you can log into Litmus, add the app and configure the notifications you would like to receive.

Litmus apps setting with direct notifications configure slack button circled

Choose which notifications you wish to receive from the following:

  • Actions taken by other Litmus users on Proofs they create (comments, responses, resolutions, etc.)
  • Actions taken by other Litmus team members on Previews & QA tests they create (a new version is uploaded)
  • When another Litmus user @mentions the user in a comment or response

notification choices for a user with checkboxes to select options

Direct notifications are automatically enabled for all accounts/subaccounts the user is a member of and allows the user to manage notifications for each account individually.

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