Proof timeline view

The Proof timeline view enables teams to view and download a detailed history of all comments and activity that has occurred on a Proof. Your team can generate an audit trail of requested changes to any email and view all of the versions in a single record.

NOTE: Proof timeline is available on Enterprise plans only.

Access your timeline

Open any Proof and select the Version link in the upper right tab area to open the Timeline list.

Litmus Proof screen with arrow indicating Version number above project tabs

You can use the Timeline list to view any previous version of the current project.

Timeline list popup showing all versions of proof in order of newest to oldest

Explore the timeline

Timelines are presented from most recent version to oldest version. Every version shows date and time stamps, tagged areas, comments and replies, and everyone who participated. Changes to images, comments and resolutions, and approvals are all visible.

The Exported Date that appears is when the current timeline view was generated. Every timeline can be downloaded as a PDF with the green button in the upper right corner.

Proof timeline browser view with arrow indicating Download PDF button

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