Proof Timeline view

The Proof Timeline view enables teams to view and download a detailed timeline of all comments and activity that has occurred on a Proof. This is useful for generating an audit trail of requested changes to your email and for viewing all of the versions of an email in a single timeline. Timeline view is visible to all user types and is a feature of Litmus Proof which is currently only available on a Litmus Enterprise plan.

  • To see Timeline view, click on the Version above the comments. Then click Timeline. 

  • The timeline is ordered from the most recent version to the date the Proof was created.
  • Timeline view is available to all user roles and is visible on public Proofs as well.
  • The download button uses your browser’s print dialog to enable a PDF download. Simply change the printer to “PDF” to download a PDF of the timeline to your computer.
  • All times are displayed in the timezone of the browser you are using.
  • The “Exported Date” is the date and time you generated the view of the timeline.


What information is displayed on Timeline View?

  • The date and time the Proof was created
  • Exported date (this is the date and time you clicked on the Timeline and generated the Timeline view)
  • Version dates
  • Date of comments
  • Who commented
  • Date of resolution of comments
  • Images of all versions and all views
  • Comments for each version and view
  • Approval dates (only available in the new Litmus platform)

Proof Timeline View

Tips for using the Timeline

  • Different web browsers render the PDF export differently. Although we support Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE 10+ and the Microsoft Edge browser, we recommend that you use Google Chrome which does the best job of preserving the design styles and avoiding page breaks in your email designs.
  • If a comment doesn’t appear, refresh the Timeline view page to view the latest comments.
  • Comment dots on the subject line area need to be within the width of the email design to be viewable on the Timeline view.
  • Comments on the subject line area are independent of Desktop, Mobile and Text views. All comments on this area will only appear once at the beginning of each version above the desktop view.


For more information about Proof see the FAQ.

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