View HTML in Previews & QA

After you send a draft email into Litmus from your ESP, you can view the HTML available in Litmus.

Download HTML to view

Select the Share button in the upper right corner of Previews & QA. Use the Download tab and choose the HTML content button to download the processed HTML that Litmus received from your ESP.

Previews & QA tab with share button indicated in upper right corner of pane

Share previews & qa modal with download tab selected and html content option circled

NOTE: HTML content download is only available for emails that are sent in or synced from your ESP. If your email was pasted into Builder or coded directly, the HTML download option will not appear.

Your code in Builder

The Builder tab displays the HTML that was sent in the first time you send in your email. However, if you send in a new version of that email, Builder will not update the code to any new version. This prevents Builder from overwriting your original HTML code so your working copy remains intact. 

builder tab showing original code

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