Why don't I see any data tracked within my report?

There are several reasons why your Email Analytics tracking code may not be collecting data.

Make sure the code is placed correctly

You may want to check that the Email Analytics code is placed correctly within your email's HTML template. We recommend placing the Email Analytics code before the closing body tag within your email's HTML.

You may have problems with tracking if the CSS has been inlined by your Email Service Provider or mailing tool. If you're using a tool to convert your CSS code to be inline, it's important to run this tool before you insert your tracking code. If you run it after you've inserted it, the tracking code could be altered and prevent you from collecting accurate stats.

You will also want to make sure that your Email Service Provider has not changed or altered the links or images within the Email Analytics code, as this will prevent the code from tracking the opens correctly.

If you are using a individual level tracking merge tags and are not seeing any data collected for individual level data, you may want to confirm that you are using the correct merge tag for your Email Service Provider. The merge tag can be added within step 2 of the Email Analytics tracking code setup page. If your ESP is not listed in the dropdown and you are unsure of which merge tag to use, please contact your ESP's support team and request the merge tag/personalization tag for tracking email addresses within their platform.

Make sure images are enabled

If you are making test opens, you will want to make sure you are viewing the HTML version of your email and also have the images enabled within your email client. If images are disabled, then the opens will not be recorded within your report.

Known delays

If there are any known delays with Email Analytics tracking, we will list this on our status page.

Check the expiration

If a tracking code had been activated but not sent out to your subscribers, you may want to make sure that your code is still active and has not expired. This can be checked within the Summary tab of your Email Analytics campaign or within the Analytics tab. If your tracking code has expired, then you will not see any new tracking data recorded for your campaign. By default, all tracking codes track 30 days from the date of activation.

Make sure the tracking code in your template is the same as in your report

Check the campaign's URL for the GUID (for example, https://[GUID].emltrk.com in the tracking code). This should be the same as the tracking code in step 2 of your campaign. If it is not, then the data is being reported within a different Email Analytics report in your account. Make sure that you replace the tracking code for your next mailing.

None of the above?

Please email us with your campaign URL and details of the problem you are experiencing with your campaign and we will be happy to take a look!

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