ESP merge tags for Email Analytics

Tracking codes in Litmus Email Analytics can be used to link the data collected from an email open (such as engagement time, device, client, location etc.) back to a specific recipient of the email. To do this we use PII-compliant merge tags.

As part of the tracking code creation process within Litmus Builder or via the 'Analyze' tab, the user is asked to select which email service provider (ESP) they will be using to send the email that will contain the tracking code they are creating.

Upon this selection, Litmus automatically adds the corresponding PII-compliant merge tag for the ESP into the Litmus tracking code when it is created. 

We support automating the PII-compliant merge tag selection for more than 30 ESPs. Below is a list of each of the ESPs we support and the corresponding Contact Record ID Litmus populates into its tracking codes (also referred to as Lead ID, Recipient ID, Contact GUID, Record ID, or something similar, as the exact field name varies with each ESP).

If the ESP you use is not listed below, don't worry. You can still add a merge tag to the tracking code by selecting your ESP, or the option of 'Other' from the dropdown list within the tracking code creator and manually entering an appropriate PII-compliant merge tag*, which your ESP should be able to provide.

*Note only PII-compliant data will be accepted by Litmus. Using an email address merge tag is not permitted. The detection of any email address data being collected via a Litmus tracking code will result in the data for that field being deleted.

ESPs Litmus supports for pre-populated, PII-compliant merge tags:

Email Service Provider Merge Tag Field name within the contact record in the ESP
Acoustic Campaign (formerly IBM Watson Campaign Automation) %%RECIPIENT_ID%% Recipient ID
ActiveCampaign %CONTACTID% Contact ID
Adobe Campaign Premium & Ultimate <%= %>
Recipient ID
Blue Hornet %%contact_id%% Contact ID
Campaign Monitor [contactid] Contact ID
Cheetah Digital (formerly CheetahMail) %%pk_id%% Contact ID
Convio Luminate [[S1:cons_id]] Contact ID
Emma [% member:member_id %] Member ID
Epsilon Agility Harmony ${Profile.CustomerKey} Customer Key
HubSpot {{ contact.hs_object_id }} Contact ID
iModules ##member_id## Member ID
Iterable {{userId}} User ID
Klaviyo {{ id }} ID
Listrak #Listrak\EmailKey# Contact Key
Lyris LM %%memberid%% Member ID
MailChimp *|UNIQID|* Subscriber's unique ID
Marketo {{lead.ID}} Lead Id
Pardot HML {{Recipient.ID}} Prospect’s Lead or Contact CRM ID
Pardot PML %%crm_id%% Prospect’s Lead or Contact CRM ID
Responsys Classic BIF $CUSTOMER_ID_$ Customer ID
Responsys Message Designer RPL ${CONTACTS_LIST.CUSTOMER_ID_} Customer ID
Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget) %%subscriberid%% Subscriber ID (the unique identifier for this subscriber)
Traction Next [[hashSHA1(EMAILADDRESS)]] Hashed Email Address
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