Use your unique Litmus test address

Every full access user in an account has a unique Litmus test address connected to their user login. Instead of creating a new email in Litmus manually, you can send your emails directly to your personal address and Litmus will create the Summary, Builder, Previews & QA, and Proof views automatically. 

Find your test address

Find your personal email address by selecting Send in a draft or Send in your email on the Home screen. A test address will be automatically created for you, but you can customize it if you would like in your account settings.When you send to your personal Litmus email address, the email shows up in your shared account as belonging to you. For that reason, we encourage each member of a team to set up their own test address so they can better view and manage their emails. 

NOTE: For accurate email client previews, Proofs, and pre-send QA testing, we recommend that you email drafts into your personal address from your ESP or use the ESP sync integration (Plus and Enterprise only) to trigger a send into Litmus.

Litmus Home screen with arrows indication send in a draft button in upper portion and send in your email above the inbox view

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Edit your custom test address

You can change your test address to a unique new version, customizing from your address in the Home inbox or from your account settings. Use the input box to edit your Litmus address to something memorable to you, then use the Save Litmus address button.

Litmus home screen with custom address expanded and customize this address link available

Litmus Account tab settings showing Litmus address edit option

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Create multiple test addresses

You can have multiple test addresses in your account by using folders. On the left side of the page, use the  New Folder button, add a name for that folder, and then use the Create button. This will generate a new folder with its own test address. This test address is connected to your main test address, but you can now send to more than one test address. Any test email sent to this test address will land in this folder.

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Video tutorial

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