Using your unique Litmus test address

Your static address is a unique email address that you create in Litmus. Each user within your account can have a unique test address connected to their user login. Instead of creating a new project, you can send your emails directly to your test address and Litmus will create a new Checklist, Builder project or Proof for you automatically.

Your test address can be found by selecting Settings > Account

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In the Account section, you’ll find the option to change or create your test address. Clicking on “Save Test Address” will give you the option to change this address if needed. Builder, Checklist, and Proof each have a unique test address.

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When you send to your test email address, the project shows up in your shared account as belonging to you. For that reason, we encourage teams to have each member set up their own test address so they can easily manage their own projects.

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