Rename, delete, or clear the data for my Email Analytics campaign

You can rename your campaign at any time within the overview page of your Email Analytics campaign. To do this, simply click on the Rename button next to the current name on the campaign's overview page.

Rename Tracking Code - New Litmus

You may also clear your campaign using the Clear data link in the more (...) menu next to the Edit tracking code button of your campaign. You will receive a warning prompt once you have clicked this link. Once you have cleared the data, you will see that the Summary area has been cleared.

Clear data

If what you would like is to completely delete your campaign, you can do this by clicking the trash icon on the right side of your tracking code's name in the Tracking Codes manager.

Delete Tracking Code

Please note that deleting a campaign is permanent, and you will lose all the past data you’ve collected on your report. This will also delete your published URL for the report as well. We recommend exporting all of your CSV files before deleting your campaign to keep the data for your records.

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