Discontinued: activity tracking for prints/forwards

IMPORTANT: As of September 2021, Litmus no longer includes forwards and prints in the campaign dashboard Summary page. The Activity Data report in the Export tab will be removed in early 2022.

Activity tracking in Litmus is detected when a subscriber clicks the Print or Forward button within their email client. These are considered 'natural' print/forward actions, meaning that these are made directly within the email client itself and not through a "print this email" or "forward to a friend" link within the email.

An action is recorded within the Activity report for Email Analytics once the button has been clicked on by the subscriber. This will show the subscriber's email (if a merge tag is being used for individual tracking) within the Activity report, and also list the timestamp of the action and which email client had been used.

Litmus will only track the action (button clicked) in the email client, we are unable to track who the subscriber forwarded to specifically. However, if a non-subscriber opens your email and the Email Analytics tracking code is included in the forwarded email, you will see their opens and also opens of forwarded forwards, etc.

You can track the individual data for prints and forwards within the Activity report CSV in the Export tab of your campaign.

We detect activity for most email clients, however there are a few email clients where this feature is not supported.

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