Using the Analytics Overview page

The Analytics Overview page provides a quick summary of the insights and data collected from your sent emails and Analytics campaigns. Depending on your Plan, and the ESP integration you have set up on your account, this page displays a variety of insights from your Litmus tracking codes and the Integrated Insights Report (which comes from your Email Service Provider).

NOTE: Email Analytics is available on Plus or Enterprise plans. The Litmus Integrated Insight Report is available on Enterprise plans for select ESPs.

Email Analytics Open Data

If you have set up one or more tracking codes in your Litmus account, the Analytics Overview page will summarize the last 30 days of opens received from all of your active campaigns. The summary modules for Email Analytics include:

  • Total opens, including reliable and Apple privacy-impacted opens
  • A breakdown of total opens by campaign
  • Average engagement
  • Top 5 email clients
  • Apple Dark mode usage
  • A comparison of Apple privacy-impacted opens for the last 3 months

The Analytics Overview page with tracking code data

Litmus Integrated Insights

If you have set up an ESP Sync connection with a supported Email Service Provider, the Analytics Overview will summarize the last 7 days of insights provided by your ESP. The summary modules on the Analytics Overview include:

  • Average open rate, click-through, CTOR, and read rate for the last 7 days
  • Most engaging email content: The top 3 emails ranked by click-through rate

Example insights report from Marketo in Analytics overview window

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