Email Analytics and click or link tracking

Litmus does not provide click or link tracking in Email Analytics.

In order to track clicks, each link in your email must be specially converted and processed by the software that is sending the email (typically your email service provider, or ESP). When recipients of your email click the links, they're redirected to a special web server hosted by your ESP that makes a note of the "hit" and then sends them on their way to the final destination. All of this happens very quickly. In fact, you and your subscribers probably don't even notice it.

Since Litmus doesn't send your email, we're unable to track clicks or links. Your ESP should be able to provide click/link tracking statistics for you. If you're interested in seeing clicks on specific email clients or environment (for example, if your goal is to find out who clicked the links in your email while viewing it on their mobile phone), you can export your Email Analytics data and import it into another system to match the clicks from your ESP to the opens from Email Analytics.

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