How to insert a Litmus tracking code with Marketo

Marketo's editor doesn't like inserting <style> tags into the email, but a Litmus customer was able to find a way of successfully integrating our code in an individual Marketo email using Email Script Tokens. He passed this workaround to us, and we have provided it below:

  1. When setting up your email program in Marketo, click "My Tokens" on the program dashboard.
  2. Drag "Email Script" token to the middle panel to add it.
  3. Name the token and click "Click to edit".
  4. On the right, underneath "Standard Objects", expand the "Person" category. Find the "Marketo Unique Code" field and check the box.
  5. In the empty script space on the left of this same page, paste in the tracking code provided by Litmus.
  6. In the Litmus code, replace every instance of {{lead.Marketo Unique Code:default=nocode}} with ${lead.Marketo_Unique_Code}
  7. Click Save to close the lightbox window and click "Save" again on the tokens page.
  8. Make note of the name of the token (e.g. {{my.Litmus Analytics}} ).
  9. Open the email you want to track (not the template, but the email itself within Marketing Activities).
  10. At the very bottom of your email, place your new script token. You can also add default information to match Litmus' (e.g. {{my.Litmus Analytics:default=nocode}} ).
  11. When the email is sent, the script will be placed into the email at that spot without the Marketo WYSIWYG editor modifying the code and without having to alter your email template.

Marketo also has this documented on their website with screenshots as well here.

It should be noted that in order for the tracking code to work, you can't use Send Sample. You have to create a new lead with the testing address provided by Litmus.

It's also important to note, you need to enable personalized URLs for your Marketo account in order to use Marketo Unique Codes. For alternative merge tags, this Marketo article may be useful.

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