Using Litmus Integrated Insights

This guide provides some tips on how to use Litmus Integrated Insights. To get started with Integrated Insights, see this article

Litmus Integrated Insights is available on Litmus Enterprise plans only.

About Integrated Insights

Get powerful, holistic insights to optimize email campaigns and improve marketing effectiveness. The new Litmus Integrated Insights Report combines email performance data from your ESP with subscriber engagement data from Litmus in a single view, making it easier than ever to create more personalized experiences, optimize design and development, and improve campaign results.

Auditing your sent emails.

  • Use the Litmus Integrated Insights report to see all of the emails that have been sent during the time period.  
  • Upon first creating the Integrated Insights Report, we sync all emails sent by your ESP in the last 30 days.
  • On an ongoing basis, we sync new emails sent and update statistics every four hours. (Note: Marketo syncs just twice a day)
  • Over time, the report will capture a historical record of your emails sent beyond the past 30 days. (Note: For Marketo we only capture the past 30 days of emails)
  • Click each thumbnail to view the full image of the email. 

Viewing Read Rate and your Audience Breakdown

The Audience breakdown metrics show the top email clients and reading environments of your subscribers.  This data along with Read Rate, is provided by Litmus tracking codes.  

  • To add this information to your report, simply include a Litmus tracking code in each email you send.  Instructions for using Litmus tracking codes are here
  • We recommend that each email have a unique tracking code so that you can view the difference in rates and drill into the audience details for each email separately. 
  • The “view detail” link in the Read Rate links to the detailed tracking code report for that tracking code. 
  • Litmus Read rate tells you the percentage of readers who spent more than 8 seconds reading your mail.
  • Changes in filter settings will update the Audience breakdown at the top, an aggregate count of the emails with tracking codes in the report.  

Filtering results and viewing averages.

Use the filters to select specific emails and calculate their average engagement and audience breakdown.

  • By default, the report always displays the last 7 days of emails but hides emails with less than 20 recipients. 
  • The Average Engagement percentages and Audience Breakdowns are based on the filters and will change when the filter changes. 
  • Use the Filter Bar at the top of the results table to filter the results.

  • Filter by type: The report uses a date-based algorithm to determine if certain emails are recurring or automated.  Use this filter to determine whether the Automated emails appear in the report:

  • You can also filter the list by any keyword. Simply type into the text box. The report filters by any match withthe subject line and the "email name" stored in your ESP.  

  • Additional filters include the time period and the number of recipients sent to. 

Finding your best and worst performers

  • Use the column headers to sort your report by each metric.
  • Roll-over the column header to get the definition of each metric.

    metric definitions

  • Click on the header to sort the column.  If you sort descending, then the best performers will rise to the top of the report for your review.

Downloading and Exporting

Use the “Download CSV Export” to download a comma-separated list of the email metrics.  The CSV file can be imported into various platforms for further analysis. 

  • The download contains the last 30 days of emails.
  • Key metrics are provided for each email. 
  • Some additional metrics, not shown in the report like Unsubscribe Rate are available in the CSV export file. 

Subscribing and inviting others to the Insights Digest

The Integrated Insights Digest is a weekly email showing highlights of how your emails performed in the last week, such as:

  • Average open rate
  • Average click-through rate
  • Best performing subject line
  • Most engaging content
  • And more!

Visit the Insights Digest page and click the “Yes, I want to subscribe” button.  Click “Invite Others” to select users on the account to receive the digest, or enter an email address to invite anyone to get the weekly digest email. Invitations are free and do not count towards user limits.

insights digest\

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