Test a plain text version of your email

We currently do not support plain text tests through Builder.

We can only offer plain text views through our Plain Text client (Outlook 2016) in Checklist. This will provide a screenshot of the plain text version of your email. If a plain text version is not present you may see a message saying that a plain text version was not present.

To test the plain text version of your email, you will need to send your email in via your email service provider (ESP). This will ensure you have a multipart MIME message sent to Litmus, which will include your HTML and plain text for your test. If you are pasting your HTML to start a new Checklist, be sure to include a plain text version in the corresponding tab in order to test it.

If you do not have an ESP, you may want to register for a free account to test with on MailChimp or Campaign Monitor to send your test emails to Litmus.

Alternatively, you can use PutsMail. However, we recommend using your ESP or the platform you use to send your emails so you will see exactly what your subscribers see when they receive your campaign.

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