Changing your "default" email clients for testing

You can view and configure your default clients in your Account Settings and when reviewing previews in Builder or Previews and QA. 

Settings area

Within Settings, you'll want to click on Email Clients.

Here you can choose and select the email clients that will be run on all newly created or sent-in emails. 

Selecting email clients

The email clients selection area is split into three sections: Desktop, Mobile, and Web-based.  Click on the grey header bars to expand and collapse these sections.  

Use the "Select all" and "Clear all" links to select in bulk. 

Use the filter box to bulk select specific clients.  Common search filters include "Outlook" or "Dark" for finding and selecting groups of email clients. 

In Builder and Previews and QA

When you are working on an email, when you change the email clients in either the Builder or Previews and QA tabs, your default email clients will be adjusted.  

From the Email Previews area of Builder: 

From the Previews area of Previews and QA:

Restrictions to changing email clients

Email client defaults are saved for each user and because of that, we don't let you adjust other users' email client defaults.  When you are in the Previews and QA or Builder previews areas you are restricted from adjusting the previews for an email created by another user. 

Litmus Enterprise plans have the ability to enforce standard sets of email client availability across all users on an account. When adjusting your email client defaults you may see a list of restricted email clients: 

The global email clients feature can be used to restrict or mandate specific clients for users.  For more details see managing global email clients.

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